Monday, July 7, 2014

Passwords after You've Passed-On: Estate Planning and Your Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint Here's an interesting article recently picked up by MarketWired detailing the trouble that your social media footprint can have on your Estate Plan. Many older individuals aren't really aware of how essential passwords are to allowing your survived loved ones to take a comprehensive look at your estate. Numerous elderly Americans don't understand the full extent of the impact of their activity online - particularly on social media

Having already compiled all of your online passwords/credentials isn't only important to thorough estate management, but it is absolutely vital for your family and also your estate after you're gone or disabled.

Know that each social network's website has a different collection of guidelines regulating ways to shut your account as well as remove the profile of a deceased individual. Some are rather easy while others might call for evidence of an obituary notification or even a certificate of death. The full article goes into greater detail about how to thoroughly collect any information about your digital profiles that your estate preparer or loved ones might need.

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