Thursday, July 11, 2013

Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza Explains Why Attorneys in Texas Have to Get Texas State Bar Association Certified

If you are wondering why Attorneys in Texas have to get Texas State Bar Association Certified before starting their legal practice, then you are not the only one who has this question because so many other people also ask this question from their friends, but only very few of them know the exact answer of this question. The simple and straightforward answer of this question is that law that is applicable in Texas is bit different from rest of the nation, and an attorney must need to understand that law along with federal law, and that's why Attorneys in Texas have to get Texas State Bar Association Certified. Hopefully this article by Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza can help you better understand the importance of a mandate on legal practitioners.

The certification is that local law does not want to have any kind of violation of its local rules and law by an attorney and it want to make sure that all the attorneys who do practice in Texas have higher value and ethics. Attorneys in Texas are required to gain the Texas State Bar Association Certified by passing an exam conducted by Texas State Bar Council.

This certification not only talks about the law, but it also encourage a lawyer to provide free services to low income people. However, this is not a mandatory service by law, but the state bar association tries to ensure that everyone has access to affordable legal services. Some ethics imply that lawyers provide a few hours of community services for low income people, but this is optional, not mandatory.

The Texas State Bar Association was formed by attorneys in year 1882. At that time, it was formed with one simple ethic that is still the main motive of Texas State Bar Association. That time attorneys founded this association with high ethics and they believed that every lawyer or attorney is an officer of justice and court, and that it is responsibly of every lawyer that the public should have imbibed faith on justice and judicial system.

Until 1939, it was a voluntary organization. However, in year 1939 the rules changed, and after the legalization bill passed, it became mandatory for every attorney become an approved registrant of Texas State Bar Association.

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