Friday, June 14, 2013

Joe B Garza Offers Insight on How to Become Certified by the Texas State Bar Association

In order to become a certified and practicing lawyer in Texas it is mandatory that you be certified by the Texas State Bar Association. This is the body mandated with the task of regulating the legal profession in Texas to ensure that there is order. Becoming accepted and certified by the Texas State Bar Association is not a hard task as long as you have all the necessary information on how to go about it. However, armed with the necessary information, you will be able to make it to the bar with ease. There are four basic steps that you need to follow for you to be a certified lawyer in Texas. The steps are as listed below, a definitive guide by attorney Joe B Garza on joining the Texas State Bar Asssociation.

1. Graduation: This is the part in which you choose a particular subject in which you can major. You are required to attain high grades in your final exam. It is however recommended that if you want to pursue law you need to choose subjects that will come in handy in your career as a lawyer. Such subjects include public speaking, communications as well as criminal justice. Such subjects will prepare you adequately for the challenges that you may face to become an accomplished and articulate lawyer in Texas.

2. Application for Law School: After successfully graduating, you can go ahead and make an application seeking to join a law school of your choice. It is however important to ensure that the law school you apply to is recognized by the Texas State Bar Association so as to be sure that you will be admitted to the bar upon successfully completing your studies from the school.

3. Apply For and Sit the Law School Admission Test (LSAT): Upon successful completion of your law course from law school you can apply to take the LSAT. This is basically a test that is meant to ascertain that you had a good grasp of what you studied in law school.

4. License Application: This is the final step that you have to take for you to become a lawyer in Texas. it is however important to ensure that you provide all the necessary details as may be required of you. The information you provide needs to be accurate and as truthful as possible. This is due to the fact that your application for a licence may be rejected by the council upon the realization that the information as provided by you is false. Upon providing all the information as required, the council will issue you with a licence to practice law in the state of Texas.

The Texas State Bar Association is known to be very strict in licensing lawyers. It is therefore important for you to be at your best in every thing you do that concern's becoming a lawyer. Following the simple steps as outlined above will go a long way in ensuring that you achieve your goal of becoming an established lawyer in Texas. You do not have to struggle a lot wondering what to do for you to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association to be able to practice law in Texas.

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