Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza Offers Tips on How to Join Texas bar Association?

Recently, Texas has become the newest legal hotspots in the United States of America. Texas bar association is a reputed judicial agency that comes under the control of the Texas supreme court. The main duty of the Texas bar association is to check whether all the lawyers are legally licensed to practice law in Texas. Most of you who are all interested in making a career towards lawyer or attorney might be interested to know how to join the tax bar association to become a licensed professional lawyer for dealing cases. Here in this article we will help you to know "How to join Texas bar association" with these tips by Texas Lawyer Joe B Garza.

How to Join Texas bar Association?

If you need to join the Texas bar association, then you need to be following the below the steps. These below steps will be very much useful for all the lawyers who need to join the Texas bar association.

Step 1: Graduate from Law schools

To become a member in the Texas bar association, you must graduate from the law schools approved by the Texas bar association. To graduate from approved law schools in Texas, you must have a bachelor's degree.

Step 2: Take up Texas law school admission test

In order to become the member or join the Texas bar association, you need to pass the Law school admission test or LSAT. Without passing this test, you cannot get admission to any legally approved law schools by the Texas bar association. The law school admission test is conducted every year in the month of June, September or October, December and February. To take up this test you need to apply for LSAT in the law school admission website. You can either apply online or offline. Based upon the LSAT score you get, you may get the admission to Law schools.

Step 3 Texas bar association exam

After getting graduated from the legally approved law schools with your J.D.degree and if you're a United State citizen or a legal resident alien in the United states , then you may apply for the Texas bar association exams. This exam is usually conducted in the late February, July or august every year.

Step 5 Get approved in your legal special areas

To get legally certified in your legal special areas, you need to be certified by the governing board of the supreme court of Texas. For example if you need to be a legal specialized lawyer in Criminal area, then you need to have legal specialty certification in criminal areas.

Follow the above test to become a certified and professional approved Lawyer in Texas.

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