Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Joe B Garza Helps You Determine When to Call an Auto Accident Lawyer

Everyone wakes up in the morning expecting to have a successful day and return back home unharmed in any way. However, not everyone is granted this wish every day. By the end of each day, there are individuals who will by bad lack gets involved in an accident The accident can also be minor or at times fatal. When you are involved in an accident, it’s a good practice to have an auto accident lawyer represent you in the following cases. However, you should make sure you bring in the lawyer at the right time. Hiring a lawyer very late may not be beneficial to you. So when should you call a lawyer? Hopefully this article by Joe B Garza can help you know when.

It is a good practice to call in your lawyer as soon as the accident happens. When an accident happen, the accident scene will remain intact for a few hours before the authorities start removing the wreckage from the site. You should make sure that your lawyer is able to have a look at the scene before it is distorted and should also have a chance to take pictures of the scene. This will help the lawyer in building up your case. However, it does not mean that you will start suing or negotiating for damages right away. You should wait for the right time to do that.

You can also call an auto accident lawyer when:

·         There are injuries
·         The accident has resulted into a death;
·         It’s not clear whose fault it was;
·         The accident involved other parties such as cars or pedestrians;
·         The accident scene is a construction area;
·         A police report puts you at fault;
·         Your liability insurance limit is low;
·         You either have no insurance or your insurance company claims your premiums are unpaid;
·         Your insurance company is not behaving as it should.

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