Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Asset Protection – Four Reasons it Matters

Asset protection is important. In fact, it’s important in the here and the right now as opposed to after the fact, when it’s generally too late to shield your assets. A lot of people wonder why they need an asset protection lawyer Dallas Texas Joe B Garza, and there are a ton of different answers that can help you better understand. Since we never truly know what might happen, it’s imperative that we plan ahead for an uncertain future.

You never know when you might get hit with a lawsuit of any type. As frivolous as a lawsuit may seem, it threatens your finances. When lawsuits hit people, they can drain them emotionally and financially. With ironclad asset protection methods in place, however, your assets will be safeguarded.

Even the wealthy can struggle from time to time. Especially if you have many of your assets tied up in concrete investments that leave little liquid. So during that down time, when you are short on liquid, how do you protect your assets from seizure from creditors and bank judgments? With asset protection methods in place, you can.

Liability Reduction
Taxes have vastly increased for the wealthiest Americans this year, due to new updates to the tax code. Now your liability could exponentially rise if you don’t take preemptive measures to reduce it. Thankfully, with proper planning you can reduce your liability greatly.

Estate Planning
You never know how long you will be around. One day we are here and the next day we are gone. Estate planning is important during all stages of life. So don’t put off planning your estate and protecting your legacy.

Learn more asset protection and estate planning tips by Dallas, Texas Joe B Garza.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New 2013 Tax Laws Highlight Need for Joe Garza's Asset Protection Services

DALLAS, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 02/20/13 -- Joe B. Garza, of the respected law firm, Garza & Harris, Ltd. (, is highlighting the need for reviewing your asset protection, liability reduction and estate planning strategies for the next fiscal tax year (and beyond), in lieu of numerous tax changes and reforms that have gone into effect. These recent changes underscore the fact that no matter what strategy one may have in place, each year calls for a new review of methods to ensure that asset protection and adequate liability reduction methods are in place.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Simple Asset Protection Tips – a Short Video by Joe. B Garza

Your assets represent everything that you have worked so hard to obtain during this lifetime. They are your legacy. But are you really protected against the unforeseeable? We never know what can happen, even with the best laid plans. So don’t play the odds and hope that you will just come out ahead. Instead, plan ahead with infallible asset protection methods that safeguard your legacy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Benefits of Estate Planning for Asset Protection

The best of laid plans are the only plans that you really want when it comes to your estate and your legacy. After all, your estate will be passed on to your loved ones when you are no longer here, and that means that you need to protect it as veraciously as you protect them. Attorneys like Joe B Garza have helped countless people properly protect their estates; here are a few reasons why you should consider asset protection.

Passing More Wealth on to Loved Ones
With estate taxes at one of their highest points ever, it’s never been more important to seek adequate estate planning for asset protection. The simple matter of the fact is that why should nearly half the estate be taken away, especially considering that this money has already been taxed during your lifetime? With proper estate planning, you can maximize the distribution of wealth to your loved ones.

Protecting Your Wealth from Liability
Liability is a huge concern, too. So why take this unneeded risk? With proper asset protection and estate planning methods in position, you won’t have to worry about liability robbing you estate. Lawsuits and creditors can come after you at any time, hounding you and stealing your wealth from you. When that wealth is properly protected, however, they can bark all they want but they will never really be able to take a bite out of your wealth.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Estate Planning Tips Matter for Your: FUTURE

Horror stories run rampant of industrial real estate investors and company owners that have actually dropped ton of moneys, little and sizable, due to the fact that they did not think ahead with estate planning tips. Possibly, they thought they were clever enough to be able to steer clear of economic misfortunes like we have actually experienced over the past several years (the Great Recession). Or they thought they had adequate earnings or a net worth to be immune from economic difficulty or unanticipated liability or liabilities.

Perhaps, they believed they had such very good relationships with their banks or various other creditors that getting financing or brand-new working capital credit lines would certainly never ever be an issue. I have actually head many of the "reasons" - yet none of them matter when your properties are being attacked by starving lenders. When you go from making millions to having huge unsatisfied insufficiency judgments issued against you, the explanations for not safeguarding your assets, and your family's future, are unacceptable.

In order to best safeguard your wealth, your assets, your legacy and your family’s fortune and future, asset protection tips must be implemented and put into place. This is an area that is best entrusted to an experienced asset protection attorney. Using a variety of beneficial options, an experienced asset protector will put into motion ironclad and infallible methods of safeguarding your earnings. With proper estate planning in motion, you can protect yourself from liability, and reduce the liability and venerability of estate taxes long after you are gone. Learn more estate planning tips by Joe B. Garza.

Joe Garza Dallas Texas – Avoiding 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas Hang-ups with Good Estate Planning

You never want an estate that’s poorly planned because that estate can end up in the worst kind of limbo, (Joe Garza Dallas Texas example: Your estate makes to the 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas; where it promptly sits on an agenda and waits, while your relatives spend years in court trying to free up the assets that you had passed on to them). You can easily avoid this using these Joe Garza tips.

Estate and Planning
Planning is the key to the success of your estate. Since you can’t plan after you are gone, you need to plan ahead while you are still here. With a good lawyer on your side, you can put into motion meticulous plans that prevent your estate from probate limbo.

Why You Need a Lawyer
Much like anywhere else, estates in Texas must be carefully planned. So make sure you don’t make the rookie mistake of hiring a paralegal. You want an experienced lawyer like Joe Garza Dallas Texas applying their tenure to your estate plan.

Looking Ahead
While it would be nice if we could, we can’t predict the future. None of us know when we are going to die, which is why planning ahead matters so greatly. Think of your estate plans like your plans for after this life; you decide what happens to your legacy and nobody else.

Leaving Behind a Legacy
Speaking of legacy, what will you leave behind? A messy estate that’s stuck in court for years upon end or a well planned masterpiece that eases the burden of your loved ones? The easy answer – and the only viable answer here – is an expertly planned estate that leaves nothing to question.